This week …

News Highlights:

  • A Palestinian man dies from wounds suffered in a car accident, because Israeli soldiers would not open the gate in the apartheid wall to allow him to go to hospital.
  • The prisoner exchange set for this week will include 435 Palestinian and Arab prisoners, as well as 59 bodies of Lebanese dead.
  • U.N. can no longer cope with all the Palestinians made homeless by Israeli demolitions.
  • Palestinian lawmakers oppose any change to Palestinian right of return in new “peace initiative”.
  • The International Court of Justice orders Israel to submit its arguments on the apartheid wall, and rejects any postponement; Israeli legal advisors claim only U.N. Security Council can impose sanctions.
  • Ariel Sharon vows to stay in office until 2007, despite corruption scandal.
  • Jane’s Intelligence Digest says U.S. may provoke confrontation with Syria by attacking Hezbollah and thereby disregard consequences for regional instability.


An interview with Stanley Heller, from Connecticut, about the “Jewish Statement in Opposition to the Geneva Accords”. This statement was also supported by AlAwda Unity and defends the Palestinian right of return. It also calls for equality for everyone living in Israel, especially the internal Palestinian refugees i.e. those Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship.

Focus on Zionism:

A report from Nablus, filed by a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement. The report detailed how daily operations by the Israeli army are still creating fear and chaos amongst the civilian population, and how even schools are being targeted and the students injured, including a 10-year-old boy.