This week …

News Highlights:

  • New destruction in Rafah refugee camp by Israeli military flattens another 30 homes and a mosque, and leaves hundreds more Palestinians homeless.
  • On Jan. 18th, Israeli undercover squad kidnaps three Palestinians in Nablus, and in Gaza, 15 Palestinian pilgrims were denied travel to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.
  • Palestinian and international leaders call on Israel to stop extra-judicial assassinations.
  • Palestinians ask international community to submit testimony to the International Court of Justice, ahead of the Feb. 23rd hearings on the apartheid wall
  • Israeli ambassador to Sweden defaces art exhibit by an Israeli expatriate, ambassador kicked out of Swedish museum but praised and supported by Ariel Sharon
  • Recent report issued by Coalition to Stop the Use of Children Soldiers details Israeli abuse of Palestinian children under 18, particularly incarceration in Israeli jails.
  • Israel refuses to allow Scotland Yard to be part of investigation into the shooting death by Israeli troops of Tom Hurndall, a 22-year-old British student.
  • Lebanese President and UN officials call on Israel to cease violations of Lebanese airspace and territory, after Hezbollah rocket hits an Israeli military bulldozer that was operating in Lebanese territory.


An in studio discussion about recent events in Palestine and also what might develop in 2004, especially regarding the role of the U.S. The panel talked about the apartheid wall and the upcoming hearings in the Hague, as well as the recent devastating raids into Nablus and Rafah. The American presidential election campaign was also discussed, and the consequences of that for the Middle East region in general and Palestine in specific.

Focus on Zionism:

A new report by the International Womens Peace Service about the resistance of the Palestinians in Budrus village against the apartheid wall. The villagers have been able to hold off the Israeli bulldozers for three months with unified non-violent actions, and their slogan is: “We can do it”.