This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli army invades Tulkarem refugee camp on Jan. 12th; conducts mass arrests.
  • Appeals from Bani Zaid al Gharbiya that Israeli forces are using villagers as human shields during their operations in another town; Beit Reema.
  • Israeli refuseniks form “Courage to Refuse” and plan joint actions, after supporting the 5 young Israelis jailed for refusing to serve in the army.
  • Palestinian leaders reaffirm right to declare an independent Palestinian state.
  • Palestinian PM also says they would consider a single binational state; Palestinian analysts say frustration is mounting amongst the Palestinian population.
  • U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell blames Palestinians for impasse in Middle East roadmap negotiations.
  • Israeli list of settlement outposts to be dismantled is deceptive, according to Palestinians Israeli security expert says the roadmap plan cannot be implemented and this is well known by all parties involved.


An interview with Johanna, a Vancouver woman, who just returned from 6 weeks volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine. Johanna spent most of her time in the Jenin region, and spoke movingly of her experiences there, and what she witnessed at checkpoints and during raids into villages. She also explained about a children’s art exhibit from Jenin that will hopefully be in Vancouver in the future, and about a reception on Jan. 31st at which she will speak about her time in Palestine.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a Gush Shalom campaign to remove British Airways billboards in the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.