This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli commander who killed 13 year old Palestinian girl last month in Gaza finally indicted; tapes showed him saying he “confirmed the kill”, meaning he emptied his weapon into her already prone body. Shooting wounded combatants, let alone children, is against the Geneva conventions.
  • The nephew of Yasser Arafat received documents from the French hospital where he died; al-Kidwa said he could not say for sure if Arafat was poisoned or not.
  • Nov. 22nd – U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell meets with Israelis and Palestinians, does not get Israeli commitment for full withdrawal from
    Palestinians cities for January elections.
  • New PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas says he will continue to demand the right of return for Palestinian refugees; he has been chosen as Fateh’s candidate in the upcoming Palestinian elections.
  • Some Fateh members are pushing for Marwan Bargouthi to run, the jailed Fateh leader; he will decide by next week.
  • Dr. Mustafa Bargouthi, head of the Union of Palestinian Medical Committees, will run in the elections as candidate for five opposition parties.


A live interview with MP Carolyn Parrish, from Mississauga, about her recent
trip to Holland for a Palestinian conference and her conflicts with the
Liberal Party over its policies. Ms. Parrish had just returned from
attending a conference in Holland, which was looking at Palestinian rights
and how the international community could help in their implementation. She
also spoke about her struggle within the Liberal Party over its increasingly
pro-American and pro-Israeli policies, and how that had culminated in her
being forced out of the Party last week.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of an article carried in the Halifax Herald on Nov. 18th, 2004,
taken from AP, about how Israeli soldiers regularly desecrate the bodies of
Palestinians. The story had been carried by the Israeli newspaper Yediot
Ahronot, which gave several examples of what it called “systematic”
desecration and photography of dead bodies of Palestinians.