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News Highlights:

  • 5000 Palestinians demonstrate in Ramallah to protest UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s visit and UN lack of action on the apartheid wall, despite the ruling of the International Court of Justice.
  • Protestors noted that a recent UN report regarded the wall as a matter of compensation and humanitarian aid and that Annan refused to visit any areas of the apartheid wall.
  • March 14th, new illegal Jewish outpost settlements go up in the West Bank, as Israeli government votes to approve the Sasson report but gives no timetable or date to evacuate the outposts.
  • The Sasson report said the Israeli government committed blatant violations in supporting and transferring funds to the “unauthorized” outposts Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will reportedly tell Palestinian groups meeting in Cairo that the right of return for Palestinians cannot be fully implemented.
  • The family of Rachel Corrie, the American activist murdered by an Israeli bulldozer two years ago, has sued the state of Israel for damages.


Highlights of the March 12th conference held at McMaster University, entitled Palestine Lives. The day-long conference gathered many noted and
informative speakers who addressed a crowd of 200 people. A clip of one of
the speakers in the panel on Canadian foreign policy was presented. Mostafa
Henaway, a former York University student and ISM volunteer, gave a detailed
explanation of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement and also highlighted
the complicity of Canadian companies in maintaining Israel’s occupation.

Focus on Zionism:

Excerpts of an article written by Alison Weir on the second anniversary of
the murder of Rachel Corrie by Israeli forces in Rafah.

Here is an audio file of this show: