This week …

News Highlights:

  • Britain put pressure on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to attend the conference in London on March 1st, Palestinian officials were concerned about the content of the meeting.
  • Israel refused to attend the conference, but had already vetoed wording in the final declaration.
  • The Guardian newspaper reported that Tony Blair had assured Ariel Sharon that the conference would not discuss revival of the Road Map, but would be limited to Palestinian reform.
  • Feb. 28th – a new road is being paved through Palestinian property in Hebron for the use of a six-family Jewish settlement; expropriation orders were handed out two weeks ago as “security needs orders” and the road will pass through a Muslim cemetery and archaeological sites.
  • Palestinian Authority condemns recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv; Hamas and Islamic Jihad deny any role in the operation.


The launch of a new monthly feature, entitled Not in My Name, that will
highlight Jewish and Israeli groups that oppose the occupation. This first
segment showcased the local group, Jews for a Just Peace, with interviews
from two of their members. The two spoke about the basis of unity for the
group and how they believe that occupation is violence. They also detailed
the group’s upcoming activities and discussed philosophical and current

Here is an audio file of this show: