This week …

News Highlights:

  • Two Palestinians killed in West Bank during an arrest raid by Israeli
  • June 6th – Israeli security forces use stun grenades on Palestinians at Haram
    Al-Sharif in Jerusalem; 40,000 Israelis had come to East Jerusalem to
    celebrate its illegal capture and annexation.
  • Palestinian Authority postpones July 17th parliamentary elections, and no new
    date has yet been set.
  • June 6th – Israeli author of report on illegal settlement outposts says nothing
    has changed and construction continues, and this is a matter of the state
    violating its own laws.


An in studio panel discussion on current developments in Palestine,
including the Palestinian election delays, the increasingly shaky “truce”
and Ariel Sharon’s Gaza “pullout” plan. The panel discussed Mahmoud Abbas’
recent trip to North America and the cynical dimension and limits of current
U.S. support for the Palestinian Authority. The delay of the elections, as
well as the postponement of the Fateh general convention which had been
scheduled for this August, were also analyzed and the implications for
Palestinian internal stability assessed.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a June 6th, 2005 article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz,
entitled “When everything is permissible”. The article detailed how Israeli
soldiers were explicitly ordered to lay in wait at PA checkpoints and then
kill anyone who came by, all in revenge for the earlier killing of 6 Israeli