This week …

News Highlights:

  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas relocates to Gaza to oversee Israel’s “disengagement”.
  • Abbas told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice during her visit that there has been no progress with Israel over major issues like Gaza’s airport and the safe passage to the West Bank.
  • Israel and Egypt conclude deal allowing Egyptian border police to patrol the southern edge of Gaza Strip.
  • Thousands of dunums of Palestinian agricultural land torched near Tulkarem; Israeli forces refuse to allow Palestinian firemen to stop the fires.
  • Palestinian Authority sets new dates for completing municipal elections, and agrees to hold legislative elections between Dec. 9th, 2005 and Jan. 19th, 2006.
  • Intel has decided to invest over $4 billion in facilities in Israel, the largest single foreign investment in Israel.


A live interview from Palestine with Noah, an activist from Vancouver, currently volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement in the West Bank. Noah spoke about his experiences with the Palestinian people, the activities he was involved in, and how the apartheid wall and checkpoints were impacting the civilian population. He also detailed how he, other Israeli and Palestinian activists, and a goat were all arrested by the Israeli military during a non-violent protest.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a press release from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza, about how the Israeli High Court denied a Palestinian detainee access to a lawyer.

Here is an audio file of this show: