This week …

News Highlights:

  • Peaceful protest against the destruction of Palestinian land for an Israeli-only road in the West Bank was attacked by Israeli soldiers; 5 people, including one child injured and an Austrian peace activist arrested.
  • Palestinian Authority announces parliamentary elections will be held in late January 2006.
  • Egypt and Israel reach a deal on having 750 Egyptian border police along the border between Egypt and Gaza.
  • Palestinian sources report that despite meetings, there is still no progress with Israel on resolving issues to follow the Gaza redeployment, such as border crossings and a link to the West Bank.
  • Palestinian security forces are poorly armed, lacking even enough ammunition, but Israel does not want proper supplies to reach them.


An instudio discussion about the current situation in Gaza and what will follow the Israeli redeployment in mid-August. The lack of progress on giving Gaza any access to the outside world was discussed, as well as how Israel was using the pullout to cement its hold on the West Bank. An article from July 31st, 2005 Haaretz showed how absurd things had become, when James Wolfensohn advised both the Palestinians and Egyptians to make use of the rubble left from demolishing settler homes, because Israel didn’t want to pay for the cleanup. There was also discussion on the January 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections, and what the outcome might mean for Palestinian society.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a July 31st, 2005 Haaretz article about how an Israel officer, who was recently reprimanded for his role in the killing of a Palestinian teenager, was just promoted.

Here is an audio file of this show: