This week …

News Highlights:

  • Palestinian PM Ahmed Qorei warns Israel against its restrictions on freedom of movement for Palestinians, after he was held at a roadblock for 45 minutes.
  • Israel shells several areas in the Gaza Strip, injuring at least five Palestinians, including a 65 year old woman and a baby.
  • Palestinian resistance groups had earlier fired homemade shells into Israel, but only after Israel assassinated another Palestinian leader in Tulkarem.
  • Oct. 23rd – U.S. officials say Israeli and Palestinian obligations under the roadmap plan are not of equal importance; Palestinian commitments are presumably more crucial.
  • Oct. 24th – James Wolfensohn criticizes Israel for holding up agreements on opening Gaza Strip border crossings and not improving Palestinian mobility in the West Bank.
  • Voice of Palestine offers condolences on the passing of Professor James Graff, the founder and chair of Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation, and author of a book on Palestinian children.


An interview with Kole, a representative from the Coalition against Israel’s War Crimes. Kole talked about the upcoming November visit of Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to Canada and what the coalition is doing to oppose his visit. The coalition is composed of many community and social justice groups who have come together to call on the Canadian government to not allow this war criminal entry into the country.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a satirical article in the October 23rd, 2005 Haaretz newspaper, entitled “Enough Palestinian Cars”, about new restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement in the West Bank.