This week …

News Highlights:

  • March 6th – International human rights groups and UN officials call for Israel to stop its assassinations of Palestinians.
  • UNICEF says 5 Palestinians kids killed on Monday, two of them bystanders to an Israeli extra-judicial assassination.
  • New Palestinian parliament votes to revoke the last-minute legislation giving extra presidential powers, passed by the previous parliament after the Jan. 25th elections.
  • Peace Now movement blasts the Kadima party and PM Ehud Olmert for capitulating to extremist settlers by promising to hold on to even more West Bank land.
  • Israeli official claims Israeli human rights groups are working against Israel’s interests and “besmirch” the state.


A live interview with Mohammad Ayyash from Balata Refugee Camp near Nablus in the West Bank and about the recent Israeli attacks on the camp. Mohammad is an activist with the International Solidarity Movement ISM and spoke about the Palestinians killed and wounded by the Israeli army during this last invasion. He also talked about the 2002 Israeli attack on Balata and Nablus and the horrible damage left behind, including a higher Palestinian death toll than even what was reported in the Jenin camp.

Focus on Zionism:

A Mar 4th, 2006 release from Neta Golan, who works in the ISM media office, about how the international media and even the Arab media had ignored the Israeli military raid on Balata camp.

Here is an audio file of this show: