This week …

News Highlights:

  • 44 year old Palestinian woman shot in her home in Tulkarem on May 1st; Israeli human rights group Btselem says Israeli forces are indifferent to the safety of Palestinian civilians.
  • U.S. is trying to block proposals to pay Palestinian government salaries directly to the employees through an Arab or EU trust fund.
  • James Wolfensohn, int’l envoy for the “Quartet”, leaves his position and says policy of cutting off aid to new Palestinian government is a “losing gambit”.
  • Canadian court rejects legal challenge to put Jerusalem, Israel on Canadian passport.


An interview with Professor David Noble from York University, who is currently engaged in a $10 million lawsuit against York regarding the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on campus. Professor Noble, who is an author of 7 books, explained how he had detailed the actions of the Zionist lobby at York and had been smeared as anti-Semitic in return, even though he himself is Jewish. He also talked about issues of dissent and free speech on Canadian campuses and what people can do to take a stand.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a May 2nd, 2006 news report from Gaza about how Palestinian women prisoners are forced to give birth in jail and are handcuffed during labour. Israel now holds 145 Palestinian female prisoners, including mothers and wives of activists recently arrested as a pressure tactic.

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