This week …

News Highlights:

  • Thousands of displaced Lebanese civilians head home to south Lebanon; however, at least one already killed and 12 injured by unexploded cluster bombs left behind by the Israeli military.
  • Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, facing domestic criticism over his handling of the invasion of Lebanon:
  • More than 150 Israelis, mostly soldiers, died and 1100 Lebanese, mostly civilians, were killed.
  • Israeli Arab legal association, Adalah, sends letter to Israeli AG saying Israel’s actions in Lebanon are effectively war crimes.
  • Israeli air strike destroys home in Khan Younis, Gaza and kills two Palestinians; since June 25th, 2006 Israel has killed 200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 44 kids and 10 women, and destroyed electricity and transportation infrastructure.


A special Eyewitness Palestine, one year after the Israeli redeployment from Gaza, showing the daily grind for the Palestinian population in the occupied territories. The first report was individual accounts from Gazans, about how their lives had continued to worsen in the last year, with one lawyer and activist saying “Gaza‚Ķis like a giant prison”. The second report was from the International Womens Peace Service about the difficulties in Wadi Qana, near Salfit in the West Bank, where Palestinian land is either being confiscated for the apartheid wall or environmentally destroyed by sewage from Israeli settlements.

Focus on Zionism:

An article from the Aug. 14th, 2006 Israeli newspaper Haaretz, quoting an Israeli general telling his troops that those without food could steal it from Lebanese stores.

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