This week …

News Highlights:

  • At least 8 Palestinians killed on Oct. 23 by Israeli troops and 14 wounded.
  • Israeli cabinet ministers call for military reoccupation of southern Gaza.
  • Kidnappers release AP photographer just hours after he was seized in Gaza; meanwhile, Reuters cameraman held by Israel still in detention, despite judge’s ruling to release him.
  • Members of Israel’s Labor Party threaten to quit if Labor approves extremist right-wing party that has been invited to join the Israeli coalition government.
  • UN commander in Lebanon says force should be considered to stop Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace.
  • Israel officially acknowledges it used phosphorous weapons during its attacks on Lebanon; media outlets during the invasion showed civilian phosphorous injuries.


A special Eyewitness Palestine, highlighting three on-the-ground reports about the difficult daily life Palestinians are facing. The first report was from the United Nations Agency UNRWA and explained the harsh realities for parents in Gaza unable to give their children anything for the Eid holiday. The second was a release issued by the Presidents of Palestinian Universities, detailing the increasing Israeli restrictions on thousands of foreign passport holders who live and work in the occupied territories, many at NGOs and educational institutions. These harsh restrictions are literally emptying Palestine of its educated classes. The last report was written by an Israeli activist and showed Israel’s negligence according to the Geneva Convention for those under its occupation, resulting in a lack of access to health care for many poor Palestinians.

Focus on Zionism:

An Oct. 24th, 2006 report from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the revelations of a two-year secret investigation that showed rampant illegal construction in Israeli settlements, often on private Palestinian land.

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