This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli soldiers kill at least two more Palestinians in Jenin, adding to at least 21 Palestinians including children killed in 5 days.
  • UNRWA director appeals for more aid and says “Palestinians .. are living a real humanitarian catastrophe”; he also highlights the deteriorating educational system due to the economic blockade.
  • Italian journalists report Israel is using an experimental weapon, thought to be the “DIME” Dense Inert Metal Explosive that contains tungsten, a carcinogenic.
  • Israeli forces restrict access to Al Aqsa mosque the last Friday of Ramadan; protests at many checkpoints around Jerusalem.
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pushes for a new Palestinian government of technocrats, and says he might call new elections or a referendum on how to proceed.

Special Feature:

A live interview with Mr. Mona Farra from Gaza, a physician and human rights activist, to talk about the horrific humanitarian situation in Gaza. Dr. Farra, who works with the Palestinian Red Crescent, updated us on the siege of Gaza and the impact on the daily lives of the people. She spoke about the electricity shutdowns, the indiscriminate killings by Israeli forces, the closures on the border crossings and how the hospitals are having difficulty coping, especially with the lack of medicines. Dr. Farra concluded by saying she supported the international Boycott Israel movement and that it was an effective way to bring change.

Focus on Zionism:

This segment was dropped due to the difficulties in connecting with Dr. Farra in Gaza.

Here is an audio file of this show: