This week …

News Highlights:

  • Palestinian PM says his government will resign shortly, to pave the way for forming a new Palestinian coalition government.
  • Israeli and Palestinian leaders disagree over the agenda of the Feb. 19th, 2007 summit with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice; Israel refuses to discuss the major issues impacting any final status agreement.
  • Israeli PM Olmert threatens formation of the Palestinian unity government is a “test” for Mahmoud Abbas.
  • Senior Lebanese officers and U.N. peacekeepers agree to work on marking the border between Lebanon and Israel, a few days after an exchange of fire at the border.


A tribute to Jewish-American folk singer David Rovics, with samples of his songs and writings. Several of David’s songs were played, including The Key, They’re Building a Wall and I Remember Warsaw. Highlights of his recent essay, titled “Journey of a (‘Self-Hating’) Jew”, were read in which he talks about the false claims of Israel to represent all Jews and the attacks on those who oppose Israeli policies. For the full text of the essay see Listeners were also encouraged to visit his website for more information about this prolific and moving artist.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a Feb. 12th, 2007 article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the visit of Chilean Judge Juan Guzman to see if Israeli civil authorities can be indicted in Europe for the demolition of Palestinian homes. Guzman compared the Palestinians lives under occupation to the lives of Chileans under Pinochet, whom he helped bring to trial (although later aborted).

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