This week …

News Highlights:

  • Violent clashes continue between Hamas and Fateh militants in Gaza as 21 Palestinians die in 72 hours; secondary students have difficulty completing their final exams due to the fighting.
  • EU agrees to resume aid to the Palestinian Authority, and calls on Israel to release Palestinian tax money it is refusing to transfer.
  • Palestinian detainee, Maher Ata Dandan, dies on June 11 in an Israeli jail after being denied treatment for heart problems.
  • Israeli High Court has ordered officials to explain why Israel bars Palestinians from using an important highway running from Jerusalem through the West Bank.


An interview with Jayce Salloum, a Lebanese-Canadian filmmaker, about his upcoming showing at the Pacific Cinematique in downtown Vancouver on June 14. Jayce, one of the leading Arab-Canadian artists in doing films on “taboo” subjects, explained that the showing will consist of three shorts, two on the Middle East, and the third his latest film on the First Nations people of what is now Kelowna, where Jayce grew up. This film was originally commissioned by the City of Kelowna as part of their centennial celebrations and was then rejected by them as “not celebratory enough”.

Focus on Zionism:

A June 12th, 2007 press release from the Israeli Cmte. Against Home Demolitions, explaining how an American Jewish person had donated $1.5 million to help rebuild demolished Palestinian homes.

Here is an audio file of this show: