This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli government preparing for wide-scale attack against the Gaza Strip as vice-premier Haim Ramon recommends more assassinations against Hamas leaders.
  • 2 more Palestinian patients die in Gaza due to the Israeli siege; since June 2007, 103 Palestinian patients have died due to lack of medication and no access to specialized facilities and treatments.
  • Israeli authorities order the demolition of 15 Palestinian homes and a health clinic near Hebron/AlKhalil.
  • Israeli town sues Google because its worldwide map shows that the town was built on the ruins of a Palestinian village.


A conversation with Samir Joubran of the Trio Joubran about his musical history and an upcoming North American tour, which will include Vancouver. Samir spoke about the musical roots of his family, both in making music and also in crafting the oud. He now plays with his two brothers and is also a pioneer in helping to develop the Palestinian music industry from Ramallah. Samir explained how, even though he is an Israeli citizen, he had not been allowed to get a visa for his Palestinian wife to come live with him in Nazareth so he had been forced to relocate. The music of the Trio Joubran reflects all of this history and heart-wrenching Palestinian tragedy.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a February 12th, 2008 article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the position paper of top Israeli reserve officers who have stated that the 550 military roadblocks in the West Bank do more harm than good.

Here is an audio file of this show: