This week …

News Highlights:

  • Two Gazan fishermen injured when Israeli vessels fire on their fishing boats, in a violation of recent ceasefire; Free Gaza activists will be present on the fishing boats and monitoring all Israeli attacks.
  • Protests in Palestinian village of Nilin against the apartheid wall continue, as Israeli forces injure a baby and a 9-year-old boy is shot in the head.
  • Israeli human rights group Btselem says Israeli military have adopted “reckless firing” of rubber coated steel bullets that have already killed 2 Palestinians so far this year; Israeli forces on Sept. 1 fired 4 such bullets at close range at a mentally disabled man in Nilin.


The feature marked 21 years of Voice of Palestine being on the air at Coop Radio, and there was a special interview with Israeli activist and academic Jeff Halper. Jeff was one of the participants on the two boats that recently broke the Israeli blockade on Gaza and he told us how the project came about, his experiences on the ships and how the Palestinian people received them when they arrived at the Gaza shores. He detailed how Israeli forces arrested and charged him when he re-entered Israel and how he may eventually have to serve a jail term.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of an August 31st, 2008 United Nations report about increased Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.