This week …


  • Israel maintains blockade of Gaza, despite warning from international aid agencies, including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • Power outages widen in Gaza and hospital and water treatment facilities are impacted.
  • Foreign Press Association says Israel is banning foreign journalists from entering Gaza and condemns the move as an unprecedented violation of press freedom.
  • Switzerland says Israel is wantonly destroying Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention.
  • Israeli government is angered by UK plan to label products manufactured in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.


A live interview with Sara Jennings, who is currently in the Middle East as part of the Olive Tree Circus tour. Sara, who is from Whistler, BC, told us about the history of the circus and their experiences in the occupied Palestinian territories. She spoke about the response of the Palestinian kids who were thrilled with the performances. Sara, along with other circus members, was also part of a group of internationals that joined the weekly non-violent protests in the Bilin village, and were attacked by the Israeli army . She concluded by calling on people to become informed about the situation and be proactive in supporting Palestinian rights.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a November 18th, 2008 press release from Dr. Mustafa Bargouthi, condemning the humiliation carried out by the Israeli army at a Nablus checkpoint, where they arrested and publicly stripped a young Palestinian man in front of crowds. Dr. Bargouthi added that such public humiliation was a “dramatically common event”.

Here is an audio file of this show: