This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli troops shut down press conference with the parents of Tristan Anderson, the American peace activist shot by Israeli military during a non-violent protest.
  • Clashes erupt in Umm al-Fahm after right-wing Israeli settlers parade through the mostly Palestinian town in the Galilee.
  • Israeli High Court approves the seizure of more than 30 dunums in east Jerusalem to erect an Israeli military checkpoint.
  • British MP George Galloway arrives in the U.S. for a speaking tour, despite being banned in Canada by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the same minister who cut funding to the Canadian Arab Federation last week.
  • Israeli Labor Party votes to join new coalition government, despite opposition from within the party due to Benjamin Netanyahu’s public opposition to peace efforts.


The feature was another in our series of Eyewitness Palestine, Eyewitness Gaza, with two stories about the wanton conduct of the Israeli military, especially during the last aggression on Gaza earlier this year. The first, from the British Guardian on March 23th, 2009, detailed the attacks on medical personnel and institutions in Gaza by Israeli troops in January of this year, which resulted in the death of 16 medics and damage to 27 hospitals. The second report was from the British Observer on March 22nd, 2009 and detailed exposes in the Israeli media about random killings and vandalism carried out by the Israeli military, again in Gaza.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a March 22nd, 2009 AFP report about how anti-Arab verbal and physical attacks are on the rise inside Israel.

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