This week …

News Highlights:

  • Two more Palestinian patients die in Gaza due to the Israeli and Egyptian blockade, bringing the total number to 320.
  • Israeli settlers attack a Palestinian ambulance in Hebron/Alkhalil, and the patient who has being taken home had to be returned to hospital.
  • Palestinian political prisoners start radio show to have contact with relatives due to the denial of family visits by Israeli authorities.
  • U.S. government shipped almost 1000 containers of munitions to Israel one week before the attack on Gaza; Amnesty Int’l. is concerned the shipment contains white phosphorous.


The feature was a tribute to the victims and survivors of the Jenin massacre that happened during Israel’s military attacks in April 2002, and highlighted reports from international journalists as well as cultural segments. The two reports included one from the April 16th, 2002 British Independent and the second from free lance British journalist Jonathan Cook written in June of 2002. Both reports detailed the war crimes that had transpired in the Jenin refugee camp, and Cook’s article questioned why the international community had been so quick to forget the victims.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of an April 13th, 2009 statement by Independent Jewish Voices in Canada criticizing the refusal of the Canadian government to attend the upcoming Durban conference.

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