This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli attacks on Gaza last year have left a legacy of birth defects, possibly from exposure to white phosphorous according to doctors.
  • Contrary to official Israeli denials, a huge bomb dropped by the Israeli airforce was defused at the Gaza flour mill last year as documented in the Goldstone Report.
  • Israeli settler in occupied East Jerusalem threatens Palestinian family with M16.
  • Israeli peace groups condemn right wing attacks on the New Israel Fund, which has been criticized for supporting human rights groups.


A live interview with Jared Malsin, the English editor of the independent Palestinian news agency Maan, who was recently detained and deported by Israeli authorities. Jared, a Jewish American citizen, explained how Israeli officials grabbed him at the airport in Tel Aviv and then a week later deported him, after claiming “security concerns” had arisen. Many journalists feel that the Israeli actions were a pretext to retaliate for Jared’s reporting on Palestine, a move the Committee to Protect Journalists called “unacceptable”.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a February 1st, 2010 Open Letter from Palestinian, Israeli and International Human Rights NGOs about the recent moves by the new leadership of Canada’s Rights and Democracy organization to de-fund and attack Palestinian human rights groups.

Here is an audio file of this show: