This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli Apartheid Week starts on university campuses in over 40 countries, as some Canadian politicians try to use their office to silence debate.
  • Israeli forces storm the Al Aqsa compound in occupied Jerusalem, as tensions continue over Israeli demolitions of homes and expansion of settlements in East Jerusalem.
  • Dubai’s police chief says suspects in the assassination of a Palestinian leader are hiding out in Israel.
  • Israeli High Court will hear a challenge to a law that restricts Palestinian Israelis from bringing in their spouses.


A live interview with Jewish American documentary filmmaker and activist Adam Shapiro about his new film series, “Chronicles of a Refugee” and his tour across N. America with the film. The series, which includes six parts, gives a voice to Palestinian refugees and their experiences globally over the last 61 years. The film is being shown on several university campuses as part of Israeli Apartheid Week and there was discussion about the Zionist attempts in Canada to shut down any public debate and criticism over Israeli policies.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a February 25th, 2010 statement by 500 Montreal artists speaking out against Israeli apartheid and in support of the global Boycott Israel movement.