Voice of Palestine (August 8th, 2013)

Marty Roth on Vancouver Transit Ad Campaign

This week we talk with Marty Roth, a Vancouver activist and member of Independent Jewish Voices IJV. Marty updates us on the work of the local Palestine Awareness Coalition, that is raising money to implement a transit ad campaign entitled “Disappearing Palestine”, and also tells us about the objectives and activities of IJV.

(Added Note from interviewee: Donors who want a tax receipt for their donation should contribute through Necef Sabeel as follows: Online through CanadaHelps (please select Necef with the fund designation: “Palestinian Ad Campaign”) or by cheque payable to Necef Sabeel Canada and mailed to: Necef Sabeel Canada, P.O. Box 3067, Station La Pierre, Lasalle, QC H8N 3H2.)

Our final music is by Lebanese signer Marcel Khalife, entitled Walking Tall, and we dedicate it to the resilience of the Palestinian people, who continue to walk tall and resist, despite the many obstacles facing them, including the theft and confiscation of Palestine’s land.

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