Voice of Palestine (October 6th, 2013)

Kevin Neish on Gaza and the Egyptian-Israeli Siege

This week Voice of Palestine talks with Kevin Neish, the Victoria based human rights activist who just returned from an extended stay in Gaza. In this two-part interview, Kevin, a Mavi Marmara survivor, updates us on the dire situation in Gaza, how the people there are coping, and how ISM Gaza is managing. He also details the impact of the situation in Egypt on Gazans, both on the Rafah border crossing and the implications of the anti-Palestinian sentiment fomented by the military junta.

Our final piece of music is by Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Njem, sung by the late legendary Sheik Imam, entitled I went to Al-al’ah Prison (سجن القلعة), a notorious Egyptian prison where both of these artists were incarcerated. We dedicate it to the recently (and finally) released John Greyson and Tarek Loubani, and all those political prisoners still held in both Egyptian and Israeli jails.

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