This week …

News Highlights:

  • On Dec 7, 2003, two Palestinian youths killed by Israeli forces east of Gaza City, shot and left to bleed to death; the same day in Rafah, another Palestinian teenager killed from indiscriminate Israeli gunfire and his sister was also fired upon while attempting to help him.
  • Ariel Sharon announces unilateral moves to impose a settlement, involving annexing some West Bank land and removing some small settlements; this follows Ehud Olmert’s proposal over the weekend for a unilateral withdrawal from parts of the West Bank.
  • Ariel Sharon pledges to never evacuate the settlement in the heart of the Palestinian city of Hebron/Al Khalil and says that a corridor to the settlement of Kiryat Arba would always be maintained.
  • Palestinian groups do not agree on a second ceasefire with Israel, some wanted assurances Israel would reciprocate and stop attacks on Palestinians.
  • U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution to ask the International Court of Justice to examine Israel’s separation/apartheid wall; U.S. had earlier vetoed Security Council resolution calling on Israel to stop building the barrier.
  • Architects of Geneva Accords meet with international figures, and will meet with Arab officials next month in Cairo.


An interview with Stephan Christoff, a Montreal peace activist and journalist, who was refused entry by Israel into the Palestinian territories. Stephan spoke with VOP from Amman, Jordan, where he is currently visiting the Palestinian refugee camps and doing radio interviews. He explained why he became involved with the International Solidarity Movement in Montreal and his experience with Israeli officials when they interrogated him and then would not let him enter the country.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a report by the International Womens Peace Service about disturbing incidents during the olive harvest in Salfit. It talked about two farmers who were harassed by Israeli soldiers and one of them arrested, although later released. The Israeli commander told them he was doing all this – “Because I’m a maniac”.