YouTube and Podcast

YouTube Channel

As of October 24th, 2012, the Voice of Palestine now broadcasts our shows on our very own YouTube channel! Listen to the Voice of Palestine on any device with YouTube access, such as your mobile phone or tablet, Smart TV, or TV connected to a YouTube-enabled player.

Channel URL:

Subscribe to the channel to automatically get updated when the latest show is live.

YouTube versions of each show are also embedded in each Show Downloads post on our website ( alongside the .mp3 download link.


The Voice of Palestine shows are also available as a podcast. Subscribe to the podcast using the podcast (RSS feed) URL with any podcast application (such as iTunes) to get automatically updated when a new show is live.

Podcast URL:

For example, in iTunes, select “Podcasts” from the left-hand navigation, and click Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast. Paste in the URL:

Once you subscribe to a podcast, synch iTunes with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to take Voice of Palestine on the go!