This week …

News Highlights:

  • Nablus and the adjacent area have been under attack for 12 days, with 14 Palestinian civilians dead so far and at least a hundred injured; Israel is destroying 400-year-old heritage buildings in the Old Casbah in Nablus.
  • The refugee camp of Balata is nearing starvation as the Israeli siege prevents food or medicine from entering
    Dr. Mustapha Barghouti condemns the war on Nablus and the silence over it, and also holds the Palestinian Authority (PA) responsible for wasting time on useless negotiating meetings.
  • Israeli settlers get an extension to appeal the dismantling of a few “outposts” and extremist Kahane/Kach supporters hold a gala celebration at one such outpost.
  • Palestinian leaders are concerned about Ariel Sharon’s “unilateral” moves, as Egyptian officials again meet with PA officials to push the “road map”.
  • Palestinian PM Ahmed Qorei puts summit with Sharon on hold due to Israeli attacks on Nablus and condemns international silence over the latest Israeli actions.


VOP was unable to reach Kelly, an international volunteer in Nablus, to talk with her live about the situation of the besieged city. Instead, a report she had filed a few days prior from Nablus was read as an Eyewitness Palestine. She talked about the spirit of the people to try and resist the curfew, and the horrible consequences for some of them. The Qarion section of the city is particularly hard hit, and she explained how the internationals try to take food and medicine there, and how they have been shot at and injured. She concluded with the story of a 12-year-old schoolboy who, despite the conditions, still tries to go to his classes, even though the school is usually closed due to the curfews.

Focus on Zionism:

A Likud deputy in the Knesset proposes “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians as a viable solution, and says there is widespread support for the idea within Israel. Ahmed Tibi, another Knesset member says this represents “Israel’s ugly face”, and adds to even table such a proposal for discussion is a grave development.