This week ….

News Highlights:

  • June 8th – Israeli troops arrest Palestinians in several towns and villages in the West Bank.
  • June 7th – Palestinian women and young girls, some 8 years old, challenge Israeli bulldozers and halt the uprooting of olive trees for an hour in Az Zawiya.
  • June 7th – Mohammed Nabhan shot dead by Israeli troops near Khan Younis; Palestinian woman also wounded in Gaza.
  • June 7th – Palestinian leadership says the five life sentences handed down to Palestinian legislator Marwan Bargouthi are illegal and violate the Geneva Convention.
  • June 3rd – Israeli troops demolish six Palestinian houses in Jerusalem, leaving 70 people homeless; 70 houses still under threat of demolition.
  • U.S. Zionists launch campaign to target high school students; will send “care packages” to Israeli soldiers.


A live interview with Peretz Kidron, one of the founders of the Israeli refusenik organization, Yesh Gvul (There’s a Limit). Peretz spoke about the beginnings of the refuseniks movement and recent developments in the current intifada. He has a new book entitled Refuseniks: Israel’s Soldiers of Conscience, which tells the stories of different refuseniks in their own words and thoughts. Peretz also talked about the public meeting in Vancouver on June 13th that he was coming to address.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of an editorial by Ghassan Andoni, a Palestinian human rights activist, entitled How a Warning Shot Killed a Wheel Chair (Bound) Palestinian. The editorial dealt with the case of Arafat Yacoub, 31, who is confined to a wheelchair, and was shot by Israeli troops. Ghassan examined the explanation of the Israeli military about the killing and showed how, as in the case of Tom Hurndall, Israeli officials engage in cover-ups.