This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israel’s foreign minister says Israel will reconsider its Gaza “pullout” if Hamas wins the Palestinian legislative elections; Ariel Sharon has already delayed the pullout by a month.
  • Palestinian officials say Hamas must be included in the democratic process and this is part of the roadmap plan.
  • May 6th – early results from Palestinian municipal elections showed Fateh leading, but with a very strong showing from Hamas.
  • Disputes over the elections results and allegations of fraud have delayed the official announcement of the results.
  • Palestinians injured in Jerusalem as the Israeli army attacks people protesting moves by Israeli extremist groups to damage Al Aqsa mosque.
  • Ariel Sharon says Israel will not release any more Palestinian prisoners.


A live interview with Christopher Khoury in Chicago, the program coordinator of the Palestinian Film Festival in that city. Christopher spoke about the four-year history of the festival and the directors and films that were shown this year. He said the festival was very well received and attended by a diverse audience, and detailed some of the leading Palestinian directors and actors.

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Focus on Zionism:

One story from an update by Btselem, the Israeli human rights group, about how settler children in Hebron are allowed to terrorize a Palestinian woman and her family, despite the fact that Israeli soldiers have taken over her rooftop.