This week …

News Highlights:

  • Sept. 25th – Israeli PM Ariel Sharon orders continuous military strikes on Gaza; a deadly explosion at a Gaza rally on Sept. 23rd killed 17 Palestinians, after which resistance groups fired rockets into Israel.
  • An Israeli air strike on Sept. 25th struck a Gaza school, injuring many civilians, including a 40-day-old baby.
  • A UN human rights expert says Israel’s redeployment from Gaza has allowed it to divert attention from its expansion in the West Bank.
  • The Israeli military has arrested many Hamas candidates for municipal and parliamentary elections as part of its recent huge arrest campaign; this follows international rejection of Israel’s push to ban Hamas from Palestinian elections.
  • Halliburton, the Texas company once headed by Dick Cheney and heavily involved in Iraq contracts, has seen its stock price triple since the beginning of the Iraq war.


An interview with Susan Howard-Azzeh, the co-chair of the Niagara Palestinian Association in Ontario, and an anti-racist advocate. Susan was part of the public meeting held last week in Hamilton to discuss the visit of their police chief (with others from Ontario) to Israel. She explained how the meeting was disrupted by Zionists bussed in from Toronto and how the pro-Palestinian speakers were not allowed to continue. Susan also talked about her lawsuit against the St. Catherine’s Standard for slander and how it was progressing at a very slow pace, as well as Canada’s biased foreign policy in the Middle East.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a Sept. 23rd, 2005 BBC report about UN concerns over Palestinian women being forced to give birth at Israeli checkpoints. Since 2000, international agencies have documented more than 60 Palestinian women giving birth at checkpoints, with 36 of their babies dying.

Here is an audio file of this show: