This week …

News Highlights:

  • Defense for Children International – Palestine reports that in the five years since the intifada started, 720 Palestinian children have been killed and hundreds disabled.
  • Khalid Tantawi, father of 13-year-old Udawi murdered by an Israeli sniper on Sept. 30th, will sue Israeli military.
  • The results of Palestinian municipal elections show the Fateh party with 54% of the vote and Hamas with 26%; Fateh took 65 of 104 councils, Hamas 22 and other factions or independents took 15, with voter turnout at 81%.
  • Oct. 3rd, Palestinian Legislative Council passes a no-confidence vote in PM Ahmed Qorei’s cabinet; the vote came several hours after clashes between Hamas and police in Gaza left 3 Palestinians dead.
  • Israeli military is carrying out sound attacks against Gaza population; low-flying fighter jets are terrifying the population night and day and causing hearing problems.


An Eyewitness Palestine was presented, that highlighted part of an article carried in The Sept. 25th, 2005 Independent newspaper, entitled The Hebron Confessions. Israeli ex-soldiers spoke about seeing Palestinian civilians being killed and their testimony to “Breaking the Silence” explained under what circumstances these killings had happened. There were also stories from the Palestinian families of the victims.

Focus on Zionism:

Excerpts of an October 4th, 2005 article from The Guardian, called The House That Became a War Zone. The article tells of the suffering of the Bashir family in Gaza, whose home was taken over by Israeli soldiers for five years.