This week …

News Highlights:

  • Four Palestinians died from kidney diseases in Gaza, after hospitals forced to cut back treatments due to economic blockade.
  • EU is preparing to channel emergency funds to the Palestinian government on its own, if the Quartet does not agree on a solution.
  • May 9th – U.S. finally agrees to a new program to help Palestinians financially, but no details are specified.
  • May 8th – Hamas and Fateh leaders call for calm, after clashes on the weekend between the two groups leave three Palestinians dead.
  • Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya vows to not allow the situation to break out into civil war.


A special Eyewitness Palestine, with on the ground reports from Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley, who are experiencing the new Nakba of 2006. The conclusion to the farmers’ stories at stated that the Israeli government is attempting to make Palestinian life impossible in the Valley and that a boycott of Israeli products is more important than ever.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s article in the May 7th Int’l. Herald Tribune, criticizing the economic blockade on the Palestinian territories.

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