This week …

News Highlights:

  • Israeli forces kill two Palestinian civilians in less than 24 hours in Nablus.
  • UNICEF reports that 91 Palestinian children have been killed so far this year in the occupied Palestinian territories, already double the number for 2005.
  • Israeli military judge orders the army to investigate the wounding of a Palestinian cameraman after he was arrested in Bilin; Imad Bornat has been documenting the weekly protests in Bilin against the separation wall.
  • Qatari Foreign Minister leaves Gaza after talks fail to move ahead on the Palestinian unity government.
  • Palestinians in Hebron remember the 29 Palestinian worshippers murdered by Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein 13 years ago during Ramadan.
  • Zionist Christians announce they have spent $40 million over the last decade and a half to assist immigration to Israel.

Special Feature:

A live interview with Salim Vally, chair of the Palestine Solidarity Committee PSC in South Africa, who spoke at the Boycotting Israeli Apartheid conference in Toronto over the weekend. Salim covered a broad variety of topics, including the history of his committee, the success of the Toronto conference and the potential of the boycott movement against Israel. Salim explained the similarities between apartheid South Africa and apartheid Israel and also discussed the close relations that had existed between them before the apartheid regime in S. Africa was defeated. This was part of the impetus for the formation of the PSC, he said, and had also played a pivotal role in highlighting Israeli racism at the Durban conference, which was highly successful, despite North American media reports to the contrary. Salim then gave us news about the Toronto conference, which was attended by over 600 people during the weekend, and laid a solid foundation for building an effective boycott movement in Canada. The interview concluded with Salim carrying our regards to Willie Madisha, the COSATU union leader who had not been able to come to the conference or be with us on the show due to urgent union business in S. Africa.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of an October 7th, 2006 eyewitness report from the International Solidarity Movement about how Israeli soldiers and settlers harass the Palestinians in Hebron.