This week …

News Highlights:

  • Two Palestinian children killed by an Israeli explosive left behind during Israeli’s assault on Gaza, which killed 1415 Palestinians and wounded thousands more.
  • Doctors at an Egyptian hospital are overwhelmed with the number of Palestinian children arriving with bullet wounds to the head; the trauma team says the wounds indicate that the children were shot at close range, and the few who will survive will be paralysed.
  • Amnesty Int’l. details Israel’s use of white phosphorous in densely populated residential areas in Gaza.


An interview with Jewish American author and academic Norman Finkelstein about his upcoming trip to Vancouver. Norman spoke about Israel’s recent offensive on Gaza, which he termed a massacre, and said he felt Israel was trying to reclaim their “deterrence capacity”. He also noted that mainstream Jewish support for Israel and the Zionist project was crumbling and the Gaza assault may have been a turning point for the traditional support in North America that the Israeli government counts on.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a January 18th, 2009 Ynet report about a Palestinian girl found wounded and shell-shocked in an abandoned apartment after her relatives had thought she had died.