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News Highlights:

  • Palestinian human rights groups condemn Israel’s provocative actions in the alAqsa Mosque in occupied east Jerusalem, which resulted in more than 20 Palestinian civilians being wounded by rubber-coated bullets or beatings.
  • Palestinian archbishop Atallah Hanna criticizes Israel’s actions in Jerusalem.
  • Israel threatens to withhold permission for a second Palestinian cellphone network if the Palestinian Authority doesn’t drop its call for The Hague to investigate allegations of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.
  • Palestinian fishermen in Gaza are calling for protection against daily Israeli aggression both at sea and on shore; boats and nets are destroyed and fishermen often arrested.
  • Major Egyptian media group Al Ahram will boycott Israel and Israeli officials.


A live instudio interview with Jane Power from Vancouver, who holds a PhD in history and is well versed in the Arab region’s history and politics. She just returned from a visit to Lebanon, where she had gone to see the Shatila and Nahr el Bared refugee camps and explained that she had been part of an Italian delegation that has been going every year on the anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila massacre. Jane talked about the conditions in the camps, the daily living environment for the children, and the lack of re-construction especially in the Nahr el Bared camp in the north that was almost completely destroyed a few years ago by the Lebanese military. She concluded by calling on listeners to pressure the Canadian government to be more accountable and also urged people to become as informed as possible.

Focus on Zionism:

Excerpts of a September 28th, 2009 National story about a Palestinian Israeli in Jaffa who is imprisoned in his own home for protesting the Israeli military attacks on Gaza.

Here is an audio file of this show: