This week …

News Highlights:

  • 91 Palestinians are injured today iin occupied East Jerusalem, as Israeli forces continue to suppress protests over Israeli settlement expansion.
  • An Israeli military closure over the occupied West Bank continues and Paletinian men and boys under 50 are banned from attending religious services in Jerusalem.
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu says his government will continue its settlement building throughout Jerusalem, confirming the recent announcement of 1600 new units.
  • The family of Rachel Corrie, the American student killed by an Israeli bulldozer, begin their civil lawsuit in Israeli court.
  • A new report details Brazil’s complicity with Israeli occupation, in particular the growing Brazilian arms trade with Israel.


A live interview with Palestinian American playwright and activist Ismail Khalidi about the ongoing trial in Israel over the killing of Rachel Corrie, as the Corrie family finally got their day in court after 7 years. Ismail updated us on the testimony at the trial so far and detailed Israeli government efforts to obstruct certain witnesses from being able to attend. He also told us about the International Day of Action on this 7th anniversary of Rachel’s killing by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah, Gaza. There was discussion of the response, or lack of, by the mainstream U.S. media to the trial and Ismail concluded by calling on listeners to support the Palestinian struggle, saying he has hopeful things were beginning to change.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a March 16th, 2010 action alert from the Palestinian NGO Al Haq about the continued Israeli settlement expansion in occupied East Jerusalem and calls on the international community to halt this erosion of Palestinian rights.