This week …

News Highlights:

  • The Greek government succumbs to apparent Israeli-U.S. pressure and refuses to let Freedom Flotilla 2 leave Greek ports to Gaza
  • The Canadian ship, Tahrir, tries to defy the ban but is stopped 10 minutes out of the Crete port by armed Coast Guards.
  • Israeli officials announce new plans to build more illegal settler housing in the colony of Gilo, built on occupied Beit Jala land that was annexed into the mushrooming “Greater Jerusalem” municipality.
  • Palestinian NGOs prepare to receive hundreds of international supporters to “Welcome to Palestine”, amidst concern Israeli authorities may try to block the estimated 600-1000 visitors from entering.


A live interview with Wendy Goldsmith, from the national coordinating committee for the Canadian Boat to Gaza campaign. Wendy updated us on the situation with the Flotilla and in specific with the Canadian boat Tahrir, which had been damaged by the Greek Coast Guard when they forced the Tahrir back to port. She explained how the committee was still concerned for the legal ramifications for several of the Canadians who were on board, in particular a Jewish Canadian woman Sandra Ruch who was the official owner of the boat. There was also discussion of the abysmal position of the Canadian government regarding the Flotilla and how people could help support the Flotilla and the Palestinian people’s struggle in general.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of the July 5th, 2011 press release about the decision by the South African media watchdog dismissing all complaints relating to a radio ad calling for a boycott of Israel.

Here is an audio file of this show: