This week …

News Highlights:

  • Palestinian detainee Akram Rikhawi is in critical condition after 83 days on hunger strike, as Israeli authorities refuse requests from doctors from Physicians for Human Rights Israel to visit.
  • Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrate in Ramallah for the 3rd day, protesting PA police brutality and planned talks by Palestinian officials with Israeli VP Shaul Mofaz.
  • ANC members call for a full boycott of all Israeli products in South Africa.


A live interview with Kathy Copps, a local activist who just returned from a trip to Gaza as part of the Vancouver2Gaza delegation. Kathy, who works with the Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign and the Seriously Free Speech Committee and is a retired educator, talked about what she saw and experienced in Gaza. She detailed the meetings held with different grassroots organizers, noted the schools and educational institutions she had visited, as well as articulating the profound impact the trip had on her. She concluded by calling on listeners to do whatever they can to continue to assist the Palestinian people and pressure the Canadian government to stop its biased support of Israel.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a July 2nd, 2012 commentary by musician Roger Waters, calling on the Presbyterian Church USA to support divestment from Israel’s occupation by passing a motion to boycott 3 companies complicit in that occupation.