This week …

News Highlights:

  • Palestinian detainee Akram al Rekhawi ends his hunger strike with an agreement for early release, but 5 Palestinian political prisoners are still on hunger strike ranging from 13-67 days.
  • Israeli settlers repeatedly attack a group of Palestinians and international volunteers from Operation Dove.
  • Israeli media reports that Israel plans to demolish 8 Palestinian villages to make way for army training grounds.


A live interview with John Max Soos, a local clinical and peace psychologist, about his recent trip to Gaza and his fundraising project for the Palestinian fishermen in Gaza. John detailed his trip in March of this year when he participated in a UN marathon, visited with mental health professionals and spent time with the Gazan fishermen. John noted the resilence of the Palestinians in Gaza as they cope with the physical and mental traumas of the occupation and explained that staff there are trying to help people cope so they can be better equipped to effect change against the brutal Israeli siege. He also talked about the project that sends a monitoring ship out with the Palestinian fishermen and how he raised money to help replace their radio.

Here is an audio file of this show: