Voice of Palestine (July 19th, 2013)

Hammam Farah on York University’s Repression against pro-Palestinian Activism
This week Voice of Palestine talks with Hammam Farah about the administrative repression by York University against the club, Students against Israeli Apartheid, and against Hammam personally. He is an active SAIA leader and a York University alum, who has been barred from campus. All of this followed the successful campaign for divestment at the York Federation of Students.

Our final music is two versions of Ya Meit Masa, Oppression will never be Forgotten, a traditional Palestinian folklore song. The first selection is composed by Palestinian singer Mustafa al Kurd and became very famous during the first intifada, and the second is by Vancouver’s Solidarity Notes Choir and is based on Mustafa al Kurd’s interpretation. We dedicate both songs to the steadfastness of the Palestinian people who will not forget, nor forgive, the brutal oppression of the Israeli state and its Zionist backers, including those here in Canada.

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