March 2014 archive

VOP 2014-03-26: Ehab Lotayef

The Egyptian Military Junta and What’s Next for Egypt and Gaza
This week we are interviewing Ehab Lotayef, an Egyptian Canadian poet and activist. We talk with him about the shocking developments in Egypt especially the recent 529 death sentences handed down by the Egyptian military junta, as well as their recent moves against the Gaza Strip. He also updates us on the progress of the Gazas Ark, and explains the objectives of “Egyptians worldwide for democracy and Justice“.

VOP 2014-03-19: Iymen Chehade

Iymen Chehade on Defending Academic Freedom
This week Voice of Palestine interviews Iymen Chehade, an instructor at Columbia College in Chicago. We talk with him about his course at Columbia College, why it was cancelled, and the role of the Zionist lobby in suppressing the Palestinian narrative. We also discuss the recent resolution passed by the American Studies Association supporting the call for BDS and the reaction to it.
(Please sign the online petition in support of Iymen and academic freedom at Columbia College.)

VOP 2014-03-07: Samah Idriss

Samah Idriss on BDS and Normalization
This week Voice of Palestine has a live interview with Lebanese boycott and anti-normalization organizer, Samah Idriss. Samah is also the editor of AlAdab and is visiting Canada to be part of Israeli Apartheid Week activities. We talked with Samah about his work in Lebanon and his trip to Canada.