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VOP 2018-05-14: Palestinian Nakba and Canadian Complicity

This week, Voice of Palestine presents a special Nakba Day show, that is also part of Radio Free Palestine 2018 programming to commemorate #Nakba70. Co-host Hanna Kawas talks with Dan Freeman-Maloy about Canadian involvement in Palestine’s dismemberment and dispossession.

VOP 2015-01-12: Rev. Robert Assaly of Canadian Friends of Sabeel

This week Voice of Palestine talks with Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) Chair, Rev. Robert Assaly, who was recently in Palestine for the 5th anniversary of the Kairos Palestine Document. Our discussion covered many aspects of his extended trip to Palestine(which also included Gaza), as well as the upcoming conference in Vancouver at the end of April on Christian Zionism.

VOP 2015-01-02: Mazin Qumsiyeh and 2014 in Review

This week Voice of Palestine interviews Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh from Beit Sahour in Palestine. Mazin is a well-known Palestinian author, activist and educator who teaches at both Bir Zeit and Bethlehem Universities. We talk with him about Christmas in Bethlehem this year, 2014 in review, and the new Palestine Museum of Natural History of which Mazin is the general director.

VOP 2014-12-23: Nahla Abdo on her new book “Captive Revolution”

This week Voice of Palestine interviews Nahla Abdo about the launch of her new book “Captive Revolution: Palestinian Women’s Anti-Colonial Struggle Within the Israeli Prison System.” Nahla is an Arab feminist activist and Professor of Sociology at Carleton University. She has published extensively on women, racism, nationalism, and the State in the Middle East, with a special focus on Palestinian women.

VOP 2014-11-10: Hatem Abudayyeh on The Trial of Rasmea Odeh

This week Voice of Palestine talks with Hatem Abudayyeh in Detroit about the trial of Palestinian American Rasmea Odeh. The verdict came down just this afternoon and Hatem updates us on what happened at the trial, what’s next for Rasmea and the persecution of Palestinian activists in the U.S. in general. (For more information and details about Rasmea’s case, check the US Palestinian Community Network.)

VOP 2014-08-14: Kevin Neish on new Freedom Flotilla and Gaza Siege

This week Voice of Palestine has a wide-ranging conversation with Kevin Neish, a Victoria-based human rights activist who has been in Gaza. Kevin, a Mavi Marmara survivor and longtime supporter of Palestinian rights, updates us on the new Freedom Flotilla planned for later this year and also discusses the brutal siege on Gaza.

VOP 2014-08-03: Hassan Husseini on Solidarity Actions

Hassan Husseini on the Sit-In at MP Paul Dewar’s office
This week Voice of Palestine cohost Hanna Kawas talks with Hassan Husseini, a trade union and social justice activist, about last week’s sit-in at NDP MP Paul Dewar’s office in Ottawa. Hassan was part of the action and he updates us on what happened and also discusses solidarity activities across the country.

VOP 2014-07-23: Joe Catron in Gaza

This week Voice of Palestine interviews Joe Catron, a US International Solidarity Movement activist in Gaza, Palestine. He has been filing almost daily eyewitness reports of the carnage from the Israeli bombardment and was one of the volunteers trying to protect Al Wafa hospital last week.

VOP 2014-07-17: Palestinian Poet Samah Sabawi

Samah Sabawi on Poetry, Gaza and Palestine
This week Voice of Palestine interviews Samah Sabawi, a playwright/poet and human rights advocate. A Palestinian from Gaza, she has written and produced several critically acclaimed plays as well as having co-authored the book Journey to Peace in Palestine.

VOP 2014-05-31: Palestinian Artist Rehab Nazzal

This week Voice of Palestine interviews Palestinian artist Rehab Nazzal about her exhibit currently on display at the Karsh-Masson Gallery located in Ottawa’s City Hall. She detailed the composition of the exhibit, the concerted campaign to try and censor her work by the Israeli ambassador and lobby as well as the positive response by the Canadian public and other artists.