This week …

News Highlights:

  • A Palestinian boy, Ahmad Hasan, 14, was shot by Israeli troops near Nablus; 497 Palestinian children under the age of 18 killed by Israeli military in the last 3 years.
  • More demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall, including a large one in Tulkarem.
  • Israel arrests a 22-year-old Canadian university student, while Ottawa adds three Palestinian organizations to its “terrorist list”.
  • Four former Israeli Shin Beth (security) chiefs call for withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza and predict “disaster” for Israel under current policies
    Ariel Sharon’s government rules out any dismantling of the 103 wildcat “settlement outposts.”
  • Ariel Sharon in Italy, commends Italy’s support for Israel; meanwhile, his foreign minister, Silvan Shalom receives chillier reception at EU talks in Brussels.

Special Feature:

Eyewitness Palestine highlighted a report about the Apartheid Wall, and its repercussions on the Palestinian population now and for generations to come. The report, written by two Western observers, talked specifically about the section of the wall already completed in the north of the West Bank, and how it is grabbing the most fertile agricultural land and the largest water aquifers. It also explains how the new planned sections will enclose three areas of the West Bank into separate ghettos, and how all of this will leave Palestinians with no other options but to work in the Israeli settlementsĀf industrial zones as cheap labour. For more info, see

Focus on Zionism:

A report on how the new section of the Apartheid Wall in the Jordan Valley will affect the small village of Al Aqaba, which has already received demolition orders for 12 buildings.