This week …

News Highlights

  • Dr. Mustafa Bargouthi condemns the Israeli killing of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli offensive entered its 4th day; almost 400 Palestinians are dead with over 1500 wounded so far.
  • Five sisters murdered by Israeli missiles in Jabaliya, ranging in age from 2 – 17.
  • The Free Gaza ship Dignity is rammed by Israeli warships in international waters and manages to make it to safe harbour in Tyre, Lebanon; passengers on the boat included former U.S. congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.
  • Gaza’s hospitals are overwhelmed as the already crippled medical infrastructure struggles to handle the high volume of Palestinian wounded.
  • Protests erupt around the world, and Bethlehem turns off its Christmas lights; here in Vancouver, hundreds rallied at the U.S. consulate on Dec. 29th to condemn the Israeli airstrikes.


An interview with Canadian human rights volunteer Eva Bartlett, direct from Gaza, where she has been monitoring the escalating humanitarian crisis. Eva told us about her visit to Jabaliya, where airstrikes have killed many civilians, and also detailed what she has seen in Gaza’s hospitals. Eva concluded by criticizing the position of the Canadian government, which has supported the Israeli assault, and also the Canadian media, who have not bothered to contact her for an on-the-ground report. More of Eva’s reports can be found at her blog

Focus on Zionism:

A Dec. 29th, 2008 Electronic Intifada report by Dr. Akram Habeeb about the Israeli bombing of his university in Gaza City.

Here is an audio file of this show: