This week …

News Highlights:

  • Settlers torch a mosque in the occupied West Bank as EU representatives criticize the provocation and also express concern over the impact of the separation wall on the village of Al Walaja.
  • Egyptian authorities put up a 2 metre high wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo, as Egyptians continue to protest the Israeli military’s killing of 5 Egyptian border police last month.
  • Turkey takes moves against the Israeli government including expelling the Israeli ambassador and refutes the findings of the UN report into Israel’s deadly raid on the Gaza aid flotilla.
  • Palestinians in Gaza and international human rights groups also question the report’s findings, one of which claims Israel’s blockade of Gaza is a “legal security measure”.


This show marked the 24th anniversary of Voice of Palestine being on the air at Vancouver Coop Radio and the feature brought together most of the original programming team to talk about what the anniversary meant and compare the political environment then and now. The show also highlighted the music played on the show 24 years ago, in particular the compositions of Palestinian singer/songwriter George Kurmoz. One point that was emphasized by all of the team was that no-one could have predicted that 24 years later the show would still be struggling against the same Israeli government repression and intimidation. The discussion concluded by thanking all of our listeners, the supporters locally and nationally who sent congrats and the team that maintains our improved website, which has over 8 years of archives to explore, as well as other historical documents in the gallery section.

Focus on Zionism:

Focus was postponed for this show due to the importance of the anniversary special.

Here is an audio file of this show: