This week …

News Highlights:

  • Palestinian and international activists set up a watchdog group to monitor the increasing settler violence against Palestinians and their property in the occupied West Bank
  • Israeli military forces force Palestinian vehicles to wait for hours at 3 major checkpoints in the West Bank
  • Mahmoud Abbas will push ahead with seeking full UN membership for a Palestinian state


The feature marked two painful anniversaries in the Palestinian calendar, 41 years since Black September in Jordan and the 29th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacres in Beirut, Lebanon. There was a discussion of the brutal attack on Palestinians in Amman Jordan in September 1970, and how that event paved the way for U.S.-Israeli hegemonic plans in the region. Part of a letter sent by Yasser Arafat to Arab leaders meeting (once again) in Cairo was also read. There were musical compositions marking both anniversaries by Palestinian and Lebanese artists, as well as excerpts from a recent statement by American author Franklin Lamb, “29 Years after the Massacre at Sabra Shatila”.

Focus on Zionism:

Highlights of a September 16th, 2011 Independent newspaper report about an Israeli soldier’s testimony of the indiscriminate and dangerous use of teargas in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh.

Here is an audio file of this show: