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News Highlights:

  • Palestinian political prisoner Khader Adnan ends his hunger strike after Israeli officials agree to not extend his administrative detention, which is incarceration without charge or trial.
  • Palestinian detainees at Israel’s Ramon prison are being punished for protesting abuse against their families, who are humiliated and strip searched when they visit.
  • Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi from the village of Nabi Saleh tells an Israeli military court that the charges against him are ridiculous; he challenges the Israeli regulations that make any gathering of more than 10 people an “illegal protest”.


A live interview with Janan Abdo from Haifa, a Palestinian activist and researcher, who is involved in raising awareness about Palestinian political prisoners, including her husband Ameer Makhoul. She first updated us on the latest developments about Khader Adnan and his hunger strike, noting the concerns about his health and the issue of administrative detention. Janan then explained how the Palestinian Israeli detainees are also arrested and held under extremely oppressive circumstances, and gave details of her husband’s case to show how there are two different set of rules within the Israeli judicial system. She concluded by talking about the upcoming April 17th International Day of Action for Palestinian Prisoners and what people can do to show their support.

Focus on Zionism:

Due to the length and importance of the interview, Focus was postponed for this show.

Here is an audio file of this show: