Voice of Palestine (June 7th, 2013)

Dr. Zayid on 1967 Israeli Aggression, Canada Park and the JNF
This week we interview Dr. Ismail Zayid from Halifax, a veteran Palestinian Canadian intellectual and activist. Dr. Zayid talks with us about the 1967 Israeli occupation, as well as the Jewish National Fund and its infamous “Canada Park” built on the ruins of his hometown Beit Nuba.
Our final piece of music for the show is by Jewish American singer David Rovics, entitled Occupation, and we dedicate it to the Palestinians of Beit Nuba, Imwas and Yalu, and to all the Palestinian people as they struggle against the continuing ethnic cleansing of their homeland.
*Two corrections from Dr. Zayid*
1-Dr. Zayid regrets that he misspoke and referred to the Halifax Herald as an Israeli newspaper.
2-The statement from Menachem Begin about the 1967 war was made in August, 1982, not 1968.

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